Well, so much for that idea.

What with the divorce and all, it seems kinda silly to maintain this site. I was strongly tempted to buy up jimnotkoka.com and use that as a new site, but that only has a limited shelf life, now doesn't it? I mean, I don't want to be going out on a date in 5 years and telling someone that for my email address.

Anywho, I own a half a dozen domains I may migrate to (bassetsoftware.com? zor-el.com? pickelsandfish.com? japanesewartuba.com? Something else?), but I haven't decided on which one I actually want to use yet. But until that time, I don't want to keep this site up and hanging around either. So down it goes.

Contact me through the usual other channels instead, and when I've moved to wherever I'm moving to, I'll be sure to update here as well.

What a PITA. Who'd've figured I'd end up needing to set up a full new web presence. :-P